Peter Iwuh aka Gucci P talks about starting his company Tykoon Management & Productions leading to his success today

May 29 09:54 2019

Peter Iwuh, fondly known as Gucci P is a young entrepreneur who started his entertainment company and marketing agency called Tykoon Management & Productions, LLC in May 2018. Within one year of establishment, his company has provided a platform to many young talents to make their mark in the industry and also provided promotional services to artists struggling to get their work noticed. His company offers services like music promotion, event awareness, artist management/branding, media, digital marketing, celebrity bookings and much more.

Tykoon Management & Productions also engages in event planning/promotion and has partnered on events with various venues and promoters to bring popular artists like Young Dolph, Moneybagg Yo, Gunna, Key Glock and Young Thug and more to the DMV area. P early this year was hosted by Villa Lounge in Dallas, Texas and he has also partaken in a concert in Morgantown, West Virginia showing his wall to wall presence in the industry. He has also set up a meet and greet for DMV native ChellyTheMC at his school campus as well as Towson University. Along with these, Tykoon’s involvement is frequently visible on almost all Morgan State and Towson based college functions, emphasizing his collaborations in the Baltimore area. At his first Tykoon Weekend 2019, Baltimore native and celebrity chef Nachobangers appeared at the event at The Bambou to embrace Gucci P and his team.

Earlier this year P became a brand ambassador of DKS Apparel where he combines his flashy persona to the street wear brand. You can catch his swag and feels displayed all over their website!

Gucci P striking a pose with ChellyTheMC 

One of the most successful artist campaigns they have done thus far is for hip hop artist Lane Brodie. Since the time he has joined Tykoon’s management, his popularity and stats has increased immensely, and he has gained over 4,000 followers on Instagram and 1,000 followers on Spotify. At present, Gucci P is the manager and PR for Lane. From radio interviews to blog placements, to Elevator mentions, P has been the behind the scenes fueler of the fire.

Gucci P has a good fan following of over 10k on Instagram while his company Tykoon management has over 5k followers. He runs the two pages himself as well as 70k+ following media page @RapPlugTV. We got in touch with P to know more about him and his company. In this candid interview, he talks about his journey so far in the entertainment industry, his company and upcoming projects.

Interviewer: Tell us something about your background?

Gucci P: “I’m from Imo State, Nigeria. I was born in the U.S. but I went back home for 3 years in the sixth grade to touch basis with my roots, so I’ve seen the two different sides of life. I can speak Igbo, pidgin (Krio), and English. I’m the oldest in the family out of three boys and a single mom, so I’d say I hold a double leadership role in life.”

Interviewer: What inspired you to start Tykoon management?

Gucci P: “I was heavily in the party/club scene, just for the fun of it. At a point the business side of it started revealing itself to me, and the more I was exposed to it the more interest was developing. I started concluding what I could do for the people around me who were majority artist, from club spins to opening for bigger artist. I think from there I started going out with more of a networking mindset instead of fun. It really led me to where I am now (a management company owner) Networking is KEY!!”

Interviewer: Tell us something about the services of your company?

Gucci P: “We offer digital marketing services, playlist placements, blog placements, you name it Hahaa! Actually we’ll be offering a wide range of more services very soon like LLC registrations for those trying to register their business, Genius lyrics uploads, content creation and much more! Be sure to follow us on Instagram @TykoonMP to stay updated!”

Interviewer: What’s the biggest concert or event you’ve partaken in?

Gucci P: “It was an event called #TheZoo5. That had to be my first concert party with my guy Swagvill (head promoter of Bliss DC). It was with Lil Uzi Vert. Me and my team packed out a bus full of students from Morgan State & Towson all the way to D.C. to see Uzi. We went from person to person on each campus passing out flyers, doing drops, taking pictures, and all that fun stuff. When I got on the bus and couldn’t find anywhere to sit due to how many people there was , I didn’t even complain I just stood up the whole ride and realized my capability to bring people out no matter from and to where. It made me happy.”

Interviewer: What are the ongoing and future projects of the company?

Gucci P: “Currently we offering social media promo through different large networks and as far as artist management were focusing heavily on Lane because our faith in him shoots out the roof! We also don’t like rushing the process of blowing an artist because it’s definitely not easy. Future plans we’re working on is partnering with high streaming platforms like VEVO, Tidal, Apple Music and more to increase our capability and also credibility. We also will be open to more artists sooner than later so definitely stay tuned for the next act!”

Instagram: @ guccip

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