May 29 10:16 2019
Igniting Passion in Today’s Students for Tomorrow’s Opportunities!

The Lakeside Union School District has a long history of support for the arts and believes that the arts are a valuable and essential component of every child’s education. The arts build confidence, artistic fluency, problem-solving capabilities and creativity. They demand higher-level thinking and reasoning as students plan, create, evaluate and revise, while also supporting ideas learned in other subject areas. Lakeside Middle School in the Lakeside Union School District is totally committed to the District’s view on the arts and have developed and implemented a standards-based Visual and Performing Arts (VAPA) program involving dance, drama, music, and visual arts.

At Lakeside Middle School, every student has the opportunity to participate in the VAPA program that gives them experience in the four areas of art, and most do! The goal of this program is to provide students with a comprehensive art experience where they can then choose one of the four strands to focus on if wanted.  All VAPA coursework is designed to include interdisciplinary, cross-curricular connections leading to real-world application of knowledge, skills and techniques taught.

At LMS, twenty-five percent of students are in visual arts, twenty percent are in band or orchestra, nearly twenty-five percent are in drama, and sixty percent are in dance, chorus or show choir. Many students even enroll in multiple arts-based classes, as some count for their PE credit. Additionally, the arts support all components of the student population: second-language learners, those with IEPs and 504 support plans and the special education population, including RSP, SDC and SH designations.

Students at LMS have many opportunities to exhibit their talents, from art shows to musicals, competitions and recitals. Through performance and exhibition opportunities students build self-confidence. They become well versed in public speaking and presentation skills, and develop associated leadership abilities. Involvement in the arts increases the desire to be at school every day. Coursework completed in VAPA classes develops a variety of skills beyond subject matter cognition and technique.  As students work through an artwork, learn steps to a dance, memorize a piece of music or lines in a play they build confidence and develop problem-solving skills, which are applicable in other settings. VAPA classes demand that students learn to work in teams, building the need to listen to and collaborate with peers.

The LMS VAPA program is a model used by other schools in the county as well. After touring LMS VAPA classes, a nearby district developed an arts-based school-within-a-school modeled closely after the LMS program (La Mesa Arts Academy Campus – La Mesa Spring Valley School District). Many students who have  gone through the LMS VAPA program go on to continue their love for the arts in high school, college, or for a career and often return to volunteer and work with students currently in the program as mentors. Lakeside Middle School’s visual and performing arts programs compliment the academics at the school and produce wonderfully well-rounded young minds.

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The Lakeside Union School District (LUSD) is located in the East County area of San Diego, California and is comprised of seven elementary schools and two middle schools. LUSD is dedicated to providing a challenging environment that will instill a love of lifelong learning and promote academic, vocational and social skills necessary for fulfillment in students’ futures. LUSD strives to ensure every child has a quality education in a safe, accepting, and respectful environment where education is exciting.

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