Beldara becomes the go-to marketplace with over 60,000 suppliers from different continents

May 29 10:32 2019

Leading online B2B marketplace, Beldara becomes one of the most sought-after marketplaces connecting buyers and suppliers from different continents

Beldara is without a doubt a leading name in the global B2B industry, currently featuring more than 1.2 million buyers as well as local and global suppliers with over 40+ product categories. The platform allows businesses to sell internationally creating an enabling structure to help them reach their goal. This is in addition to providing such sellers with innovative marketing tools that help to reach the right customers at the right time and place.

The wholesale online shopping site aims to connect buyers and suppliers across the globe, effectively offering a global marketplace that ensures that they start importing and exporting according to their needs. The user-friendly interface of the platform, as well as the availability of a wide range of suppliers, makes Beldara a unique marketplace.

The B2B marketplace basically helps consumers, brands, retailers, merchants, other businesses, strategic alliance partners, and third-party service providers to reach new levels of success every day and be happy with every transaction done on the platform.

“Our mission is to bring the industry together on one platform. The team at Beldara supports this and we are excited to provide the much required expertise and support to enable manufacturers and wholesalers expand and further their global dominance,” says Mr. Pradeep Khandekar, Managing Director,

Beldara also allows businesses across the globe to sell online with a dedicated team of professionals on hand with a good understanding of the importance of key players at the global levels, subsequently finding buyers and trusted sellers in prominent countries such as India, China and the US, with the platform currently serving more than 127+ countries.

Some categories of products available to sell and buy wholesale include automotive, industrial equipments and machinery, safety and security, metals and minerals, rubbers, plastics, and polymers, packaging and printing, and advertising, media, and promotion. Other categories of products available on the website are energy and power, building and construction, travel and tourism, transport, logistics, and relocation.

The comprehensiveness of the marketplace, its user-friendly interface, and the plethora of suppliers offered by Beldara have made it one of the most sought-after B2B marketplaces. Other features of the website to offer an amazing trading experience include international logistic support, multilingual chat support, Live chat with buyers, and international payment support.

More information about Beldara and the solutions offered can be found on the website.

About Beldara

Beldara is a global B2B marketplace designed to enable businesses to sell internationally by enhancing their marketing efforts, sales processes and improving efficiencies. The platform offers top of the line technology infrastructure to help businesses reach new levels of success along with providing innovative marketing tools to reach the target audience more effectively.

Beldara aims to connect buyers and suppliers from different nations or even continents to ensure that they start to import and export according to their needs with more than 40 categories of products currently available on the site.

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