May 29 10:36 2019

“‘HOUSE OF SWEAT AND TEARS’ is horror at its most esoteric and philosophical, creating tension through very real presentations of crises of faith and human suffering.” – Screen Fervor.

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Sonia Escolano’s HOUSE OF SWEAT AND TEARS (aka Casa de sudor y Lágrimas) is an elevated and atmospheric Spanish horror, based on upon a real cult operating in Spain during the 1990s.

From writer-director Escolano (The Vampire in the Hole, Myna Has Gone, Cinq minutes), HOUSE OF SWEAT AND TEARS is based upon on the tale of Amparo Cuevas and “She” – a Spanish woman from El Escoria, aka “She”, who assembles the world’s four corners into a violent sect, including human nature’s randomly selected members, Ella (Alzira Gómez), Sophie (Coline Charvin), Emma (Padi Padilla), ​​Jérôme (Pablo Macho) and Ruth (Paula Mateu). Operating under strict coexistence rules of “She” as the flock leader, when a dark, mysterious man plagues a member’s dream, causing her suicide, will “She” be able to maintain control of the cult? Or, will the mysterious outsider’s arrival set “She” and her followers onto a path of ultimate destruction?

“Alzira Gómez gives a menacing performance as “She”; her calmness and delusion make the film more interesting to watch as she lets terror unfold without so much as the bat of an eyelid,” wrote Screen Queens.

HOUSE OF SWEAT AND TEARS is an intelligent film that challenges perceptions while deeply exploring the murky waters of religion, faith, belief, rebellion and power – all with limited dialogue. Highly-stylized and bursting with unique shocks, HOUSE OF SWEAT AND TEARS divulges the cults’ struggle to cope with the control, power and ultimate truth of their existence.


“The film is a study of how people cope with conflicting dogma while surviving a meaningless and tortured existence. The isolation and lack of awareness of the outside world gives the film and its characters a claustrophobic tension that is solidified by very strong performances, particularly from Coline Charvin as Sophie and Pablo Macho as Jérôme. Like them, the audience is disoriented and feels every minute of distress that the characters endure,” wrote Screen Fervor.

Shot entirely with candlelight and zero artificial light, HOUSE OF SWEAT AND TEARS is a rare and hair-raising thriller, this ominous and mystifying atmospheric horror is creepy and slow, creating the sentiment of ominous uneasiness, as if one was caught watching something they shouldn’t have been watching.

“When the credits roll, we are left with lingering dread and uncertainty about what we saw and what it all means. Then again, perhaps that is no accident. After all, there are some who would say that this is exactly how so many questions of faith and religion leave us,” concluded Screen Fervor.


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Produced in Spain by Sonia Escolano and Francisco Javier González from Sudo y lágrimas Films, HOUSE OF SWEAT AND TEARS features cinematography by Pepe De La Rose (Hubo un lugar). The film’s excellent cast includes Eudald Font (The Hunter’s Prayer, I Love Her), Pablo Suárez (De Agua y Fuego, Cold Skin, Realive), actress and producer, Haydée Lysander (Black Hollow Cage, Cinq minutes), Alzira Gómez (Adeu, Barcelona, Salvacion), Paula Mateu, Padi Padilla, Pablo Macho and Coline Charvin.


HOUSE OF SWEAT AND TEARS (2018, 104 min.) Written and Directed by Sonia Escolano. Edited by: Rubén Domínguez. Produced by: Sonia Escolano, Paco González. Cinematographer: Pepe De La Rosa. Original sounds by: Roberto H.G., Javier Ángel Morillo, Aarón J. Pozo and Carlos Ruiz. Spain; Spanish, French. Sudo y lágrimas Films SL, ROCK SALT RELEASING.

Producers: Sonia Escolano, Francisco Javier González –Sudo y lágrimas Films SL

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