Youth STEM Education, a non-profit venture, is on a mission to promote STEM education to children across the globe

November 12 10:33 2022
Youth STEM Education from Sylvania, Ohio, USA is reshaping the future of STEM Education with its integrated approach to creating awareness and fostering interest in children, especially female students.

Sylvania, OH, USA – Youth STEM Education is an initiative that aims to encourage and inspire girls into STEM and help them with resources and opportunities. The initiative is a brainchild of a young high-school senior Dipakshi Pal and her team of youthful talents, mostly aspiring female scientists, from high school to undergrads, with a vision to create a society with educated and confident leaders who establish movements toward a sustainable environment.

“We are excited to launch and run Youth STEM Education to drive interest in STEM to foster little minds into creative world,” says Dipakshi Pal, Founder and President of Youth STEM Education.

“This new initiative will enable all school kids mostly the girls to strengthen their career through STEM education, regardless of socio-economic background. We are working to ensure that children are more engaged in these subjects and that they become passionate about them.”

From STEM-focused classes to online education programs, through engagement, motivation and dialogues, Youth STEM aims to get kids motivated in STEM early during academic exposure. The goal of the organization is to “build bridges” between the kids and technologies.

By promoting environment awareness and creative alternate energy solution, the team aims to inspire children’s interest in environmental science and engineering.

The group believes that increasing the number of women pursuing STEM careers is vital to the future of our society.

Dipakshi Pal, Founder and President

“School children are exposed to so many topics in school, that in turn makes them more receptive to anything that comes their way. I think we must instill STEM in them early on so that they begin to understand the importance of it,” explains Dipakshi.

As part of its efforts to spread awareness, the group is reaching out to communities including underprivileged communities and provide them with support, opportunities, and resources. The team plans to conduct workshops and classes online and offline. They want to introduce and integrate innovative learning tools, technologies, and methodologies to promote and elevate education to the next level and optimize the learning experience for students.

“To increase adoption of STEM education amongst kids, it is important to make it interesting and fun to learn and understand. At Youth STEM Education, we are well-equipped for this challenge. We provide personalized support and care for any child or student within our program. We make sure that each child gets individualized attention from our members, tutors, and guest speakers,” remarks Dipakshi.

The organization firmly believes that every student deserves the best opportunities in life. The team is dedicated to provide all the necessary support to help members grasp concepts and interact confidently. The team has researched the critical barriers faced by students today and how constructive dialogue could contribute to active participation. The team’s mission is to design a comprehensive roadmap and curriculum to help develop these talents to overcome educational barriers and turn their vision into reality. They are committed also to investing in research and development opportunities so that members can have the best learning tools and technology platforms to help students reach their full potential in STEM.

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Youth STEM Education is a nonprofit initiative started by a high-school senior based in the Sylvania, Ohio, USA. The organization promotes STEM education to children across the world.

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