Commemorating International Holocaust Remembrance Day One Photograph at a Time

January 24 06:54 2018
The Center for the Advancement of Jewish Education in Miami (CAJE Miami) Presents Images Encapsulate the Horrors of the Holocaust and the Beauty of the Land of Israel

The Center for the Advancement of Jewish Education in Miami (CAJE Miami), in collaboration with Silvio D. Frydman, artist-photographer and Director of Facilities Management and Administration Services at the Greater Miami Jewish Federation, announces its first visually transformational photographic exhibit in honor of the Leo Martin March of the Living’s (LMMOL) 30-year anniversary in Miami and International Holocaust Remembrance Day.

“The Leo Martin March of the Living has transformed the lives of over 2000 teens in Miami since it was founded 30 years ago by my predecessor, the late Gene Greenzweig. From Miami, this idea spread and became an international program that has touched hundreds of thousands of Jews and non-Jews from over 40 countries around the world,” noted Rabbi Efrat Zarren-Zohar, Executive Director of CAJE Miami, a subsidiary of the Greater Miami Jewish Federation, which sponsors the March.

From the photographs taken during the 2017 LMMOL, 180 images were selected that best encapsulate the horrors of the Holocaust and the beauty of the land of Israel. Why 180? According to Silvio: “The whole visual journey includes a total of 180 framed museum-quality images or ten times 18, which in Hebrew, corresponds to the numerical value of the word ‘Life.’” The exhibit contains two sections: The Evidence section with 108 images, corresponding to 18 times 6 (for the six million Jews murdered), and The Witnesses section, with 72 images, corresponding to 18 times 4 (for the four survivors who traveled with the March).

One hundred forty-four images of Project 180: Witnesses for Life, as the exhibit is titled, will be displayed in the main CAJE hallway, which has been repurposed as an art gallery for all to view until at least the end of June 2018. The full Project 180 with 180 images will then eventually be moved to the Holocaust Memorial of the Greater Miami Jewish Federation, where they will be housed permanently. CAJE is reaching out to other organizations to see if they also want to display this educational exhibit.

Silvio, who has a background in Technical and Scientific Photography, was extremely moved by his March of the Living experience last year. He participated as a volunteer and recorded the trip through the lens of his camera, observing: “Ours is a journey of relentless survival despite all odds. We were treated as subhuman and disposed of as trash in ovens or in pits, to emerge with an even stronger desire to live, to continue as a people, to make this a better planet for all. This March experience, coupled with my passion for Judaism, Israel and photography, led me to create this visual journey, which will have interactive components. People will be able to watch their own transformation into becoming witnesses and share their emotions at the end of the exhibit on a Living Wall. My hope is that it will motivate even more individuals to learn about our history and want to participate on future Marches.”

The grand opening of this inaugural photographic exhibit will be held on Sunday, January 28, 2018, from 12 p.m. to 1p.m., one day after International Holocaust Remembrance Day and the liberation of the Auschwitz/Birkenau death camp.

To learn more about the photographic exhibit, please contact Rabbi Efrat Zarren-Zohar, Executive Director CAJE Miami at [email protected] or 305-776-7925 or Silvio Frydman, photographic artist, at [email protected] or 305-495-7078.

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