Reverse Mortgage Space offers free E-Appraisal to Homeowners

January 12 19:03 2015

Ft Lauderdale, FL – January 12, 2015 – Reverse Mortgage education leader Reverse Mortgage Space has implemented a custom program that allows homeowners to estimate the value of their home and help determine their eligibility for a Reverse Mortgage.

“This tool will allow homeowner(s) the opportunity to get an accurate estimate of the value of their home” said Donald Gigantino, Vice-President of Operations for Reverse Mortgage Space. “The average homeowner has not been able to keep up with the constant change in market conditions, which has directly affected the value of their home.” Added Gigantino. “With our proprietary E-appraisal technology, a homeowner can enter as little or as much information as possible, which will lead them to the most accurate online appraisal on the market. Think of Kelly Blue Book for Homes,” said Gigantino.

To further understand the importance of getting an accurate value of your home in the Reverse Mortgage program, understanding the qualification process is the key. According to Gigantino, the 3 most important factors are 1: Age (at least one homeowner being 62 years of age), 2: Having available equity in your home, and 3: Home being primary residence.

Reverse Mortgage Space is an industry leader on education and information as It applies to the Reverse Mortgage sector. Their mission is to provide homeowners with the opportunity to educate themselves on the Reverse Mortgage program at no obligation or cost to them. Most senior homeowners are unaware of the options they may have with regards to the Reverse Mortgage program as well as financial implications or liabilities that go along with the Reverse Mortgage program. Reverse Mortgage Space offers an un-biased opinion as well as tools to help senior homeowners understand their options that are available to them.

“The E-appraisal tool is as important as the thousands of Reverse Mortgage calculators available by the many lenders and brokers that offer the Reverse Mortgage program,” Said Gigantino. The most popular Reverse Mortgage program is the HECM or Home Equity Conversion Mortgage that is insured through the Federal Housing Administration (FHA). Although, lenders have introduced a portfolio product in certain states to help Senior homeowners with property values above the maximum property value recognized by the Federal Housing Administration. These states include California, New Jersey, Texas and Florida.  Homeowners also have the option of using a reverse mortgage calculator, which can be found at  this link, which provides you with an approximate value based on your current numbers.

For more information and to find out if a Reverse Mortgage is a good option for you or your family member, reaching Reverse Mortgage Space is strongly recommended. Always research both advantages and disadvantages of a reverse mortgage before taking action. Click here to find out the unbiased disadvantages and advantages of obtaining a reverse mortgage.

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