From A Forgotten Bakery to A Dream Factory

November 30 10:33 2022
One man’s Dream is becoming Reality as he rebuilds this building in Charleston, WV.

Charleston, WV – It’s been almost two years since Teddy Miller’s company “Bear Industries” officially purchased 1007 Bigley Avenue Charleston, WV From Philco, llc.

Bear Industries is a Real Estate Development Company that specifically focuses on design and management of construction projects located in the United States.

Upon purchasing the building in an extremely distressed state for an undisclosed amount of money in the seven figures. Miller hoped to obtain funding from a local traditional financial institution to rebuild the building into what he coined “The Dream Factory”.

After many attempts at seeking financing from local Banks. Miller decided he was going to rebuild this building with or without them, and this is where things have gotten even more interesting.

Miller has always taken his own path in the Real Estate Development industry, self-funding projects through his construction company, and finding new innovative ways of raising funds when he was unable to obtain traditional financing. Which ultimately has made him an extremely successful man at the age of 33.

Since purchasing the building in early 2021 Bear Industries has spent an extensive amount of money repairing the roof, fire safety system, building workshops in the building, and preparing the building to become an economic anchor for the City of Charleston, WV.

Miller’s dream for the building has always been to make it a place for small businesses to take their current home-based businesses and have a brick in mortar where they could increase their sales and footprint exponentially.

In his journey to rebuild this building and raise capital. Miller has developed a Real Estate Investment Program called where investors can be involved for an extremely low amount which is giving his company the ability to fund this project along with others at a more rapid rate.

“Although I’m excited to say we have remodeled a large portion of the building, we still have much more work to do!” Miller said. “I call the building The Dream Factory because if people use it for my intended purpose. It will completely change lives, and their dream of being a successful business owner will become a reality.”

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